Discord Update Failed Loop | Discord not Updating – FIXED


You have opened discord to hang out with friends and what you see discord asking for an update and it loads forever to complete, this can be because of discord update failed loop.

The main cause can be an antivirus or firewall, there can be many reasons behind discord not updating or discord updates never ends.

In this article we will cover entire information related to discord update failed loop and how to fix it.

Generally, discord keeps coming with new updates to fix such bugs and security issues through discord auto-update, but still, you can learn how to fix discord not updating.

HEY, this won’t take much to fix 


How to Update Discord on PC

Updating discord may fix many bugs and security to improve performance. You may receive the update notifications while launching or using discord, if not you can manually update it.

  • Locate to the system tray which is at the right-hand bottom to find and click on arrow up. Look for Discord icon, make a right-click on it and choose check for updates.

How to update discord on PC

  • You can open the discord folder on your device by typing %APPDATA% /Discord on the RUN box. This will open the discord folder, scroll down to look for update.exe files.


You can click on it to manually update the files

  • Quit discord and right-click on the discord icon to choose “Run as Administrator” and then click on Yes when it asks for the permission.

You may in a problem where discord is not updating or the problem can be because of discord update failed loop.

I will share 5 ways which you can try one by one, this already worked for many discord users and hopefully will work for you.


How to FIX Discord Update Failed Loop?

If you are stuck to discord update failed loop there can be multiple reasons and fix for this problem. I will share 5 tips to fix discord not updating.

After performing every action you need to start Discord as Admin. Right-click on the Discord icon and choose run as administrator.

discord run as administrator
discord run as administrator



  1. Quit Discord Completely

Most of the time there are many backgrounds running apps that go in not responding and this may prevent discord to update and goes in a loop.

You need to completely quit discord and then all the files running in the background. This can be done by the task manager. Follow the steps

  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + Esc key to open task manager on your Windows computer.
  • Look for all the discord files from the Apps and Background processes section, right-click on it and end the task.
  • You can better restart and now run Discord as RUN as Administrator.


Close discord completely
Close discord completely



  1. Temporarily Disable Antivirus Program

Discord is totally safe and even declared by all the antivirus programs, but sometimes there are few transmitting files that can be detected as malicious by your antivirus or firewall.

Disabling temporarily your antivirus or firewall may resolve the problem.

Turn Antivirus off

You can disable your antivirus program by going to the dashboard and turning real-time protection off. I will explain in case if you have Windows Defender

  • Type Settings in the search box and hit enter.
  • Find and click on Update & Security
  • Click on Windows security and then on Virus & Threat Protection.
  • Now scroll down to find Virus & threat protection settings and click on manage settings which are just below it.
  • Find Real-time protection and turn it off and now restart your discord as Admin.
how to disable windows defender
how to disable windows defender



  1. Rename Discord update file

I have received much feedback from the discord users for whom this method worked. You can try this method and in case of renaming doesn’t work, also try to change the file location.

  • Press Windows + R key to open run box, type %LOCALAPPDATA%/Discord, and click on ok.
  • Discord files will now be displayed, scroll down to look for update.exe file, and rename it. For example, you can rename to update_discord.exe.
  • Restart discord and run as administrator.
how to fix discord update failed loop
how to fix discord update failed loop


If this doesn’t work, try moving the discord folder to a different location and then select the same location while discord updating process.



  1. Clear Discord Cache and Check your Internet Connection

Discord saved cache is basically to reduce the load time of the web pages, but some time there can a cache which may cause an error while updating discord.

You can clear the discord cache by typing this command %appdata%/discord/cache and clear all the cache. For brief instruction visit how to clear the cache on discord.

Poor Internet connection, fluctuation, or discord high ping can become a cause of discord update failed loop and can be fixed by fixing the internet and high ping.

You can fix discord high ping and also call your internet service provider to complain about the internet.



  1. Reinstall Discord

Possibly, the above method just worked for you, if not you can try reinstalling discord. Make sure antivirus programs are still off.

  • Take the back of your discord and then uninstall it by typing appwiz.cpl command on the run box. Look for discord, right-click on it and choose to uninstall.
  • Visit the Discord website to install the latest version of discord.

Hope this will fix the problem of discord update failed loop on your computer with the above steps.

reinstall discord to fix discord update failure loop
reinstall discord to fix discord update failure loop




Why does Discord update so much? Discord Update Failed loop

Discord has a canary version which is a testing program and gets features earlier as compared to PTB and stable clients.

Canary makes a lot of testing updates with discord auto-updates, which you can simply ignore it, or probably you are getting discord updates every day because of discord update failure.

You need to try the above methods to fix discord update failed loop which may get you rid of discord update so much.



 How to Stop Discord from updating on start-up?

The main cause behind stopping discord from updating on start-up was reducing windows loading time and discord updates notification which starts as soon as we open discord.

Follow these steps

  • Open the discord dashboard and click on the gear icon of Settings. 
  • Now scroll down to the bottom to find and click on Windows Settings.
  • In the Windows settings the very first option you will find is Open Discord, turn it off to stop discord from start-up.
How to stop discord from updating on startup
How to stop discord from updating on startup


You can also disable discord from windows start-up through the task manager start-up programs.

  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + Esc key to open task manager and then click on the Start-up tab
  • Look for discord and disable it.




So, you learned almost all working methods for discord update failed loop. Try from the first step and every time you start discord make sure you start as an admin.

Discord is no doubt a leading platform, which always brings an update to fix all discord bugs and securities.

Please share this article with other people on the server for helping them as well. Do let me know if nothing worked for you, as I will try to bring some other methods to fix it.

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