Discord not Detecting Mic – 2022 (PC & Phone) – FIXED

Discord is mostly used by the gamers to voice chat with teammates during the gameplay and it becomes really annoying when Discord is not detecting the mic. This can even ruin the gaming experience if the mic stopped working during the gameplay.

Discord is the top VoIP application especially for gamers with lots of features like chat and stream. Mic plays an important role in discord as most of the tasks are fulfilled by it.

Discord mic not working problem comes randomly and can create other issues like where discord start picking up game sound. In this article, I will share the major cause and fix for this problem.


Why no one can hear me on Discord__________________________

So many users, raise the question that why no one can hear me on discord. So this probably can be because your discord is not picking up the mic or you have been muted on the server.

On another hand, many users also complained that the discord mic test works but no one can hear me. This can be either because your mic has been muted or there is a problem with the discord voice.

I would recommend you try resetting discord voice settings and also make sure your mic is not muted.

NOTE:- Please assure that your mic is working fine. You can try this by inserting your mic on another device or another mic on this device


The major cause behind Discord Mic not working______________

When you can hear everyone on discord but no one can hear you, probably the problem is on your end. If you have trouble hearing everyone on discord then check the article to fix it.

I am sharing a few major causes behind discord mic not detecting that will help you to understand and easily fix the problem.

  • Mic has been Muted – Most of the time we skip checking our mic mute button and get panic that why no one can hear.


  • Mic not Detected – If discord did not pick up the mic or picked the wrong mic, your voice will not be delivered.


  • Discord not running as an Administrator – According to many discord users’ mic not working issues were because of running discord in the standard mode.


  • Device Audio Driver – Corrupted or an outdated Windows driver can also cause such problems.


  • Change in Discord Input Mode – If the Input mode has been changed in discord then there can be a problem in recognizing the right mic.



How to Fix Discord not Detecting Mic – PC

I am sharing 8 effective methods to fix the discord mic not working. Please apply these methods one by one and do not skip any step.

NOTE: – Kindly Restart your device and run “Discord as an Administrator” before proceeding to the below troubleshooting methods


Method 1:- Reinsert and Test your mic  

This is the basic method and most of the time it works. In this method, we will assure that our mic has not been muted and the mic settings have been properly configured.

Mute button headphone
Mute button headphone


If your mic or headphone has a mute button, please check to assure it’s not muted. Let’s make a mic test on discord to make sure whether it’s detecting our voice or not.

1. Open the Discord application and then click on the user settings. User settings are located at the very left-hand bottom that looks like a gear icon.


2. From the user settings, click on the “Voice & Video” option that is under the app settings section. In the Voice & Video section, you will find the MIC TEST option, and below that there is a blue tab of Lets Check.


Discord not picking up mic
Discord Mic Test


3. Remove the mic from the device and reinsert it again. Now click on the Let’s Check tab and start speaking anything. Now if you can hear yourself then it means there is no problem with your mic. Either the mic has been muted or the problem is with discord or with the device settings.

However, if anyhow you can’t hear yourself then kindly proceed to the second method.


Method 2:- Check Discord Input Settings

Discord will never detect your voice until and unless proper input settings have been made for the mic on discord.

1. Open Discord Application and then click on the User Settings located at the left-hand bottom. Now click on the “Voice & Video” section from the left-hand panel.

2. On the top, you will find Input Device and Output Device. Click on the Input device and choose the right mic from the drop-down. Do the same for the Output device as well.

Discord not detecting mic


3. Now just below the Input and Output device, you will find the Input and Output Volume slider. Make sure volume is not set to a minimum; grab the slider right to maximize the volume at least above 85%.

Check again if this fixed the problem and if you can’t find your connected mic in the Discord input device follow the below steps.

Grant Mic Permission to Discord

Accidently or by any chance if you have denied the mic permission for discord then it won’t work with discord.

1. To grant the permission type “privacy settings” in the windows search box and hit Enter.

2. Now from the left-hand panel click on “Microphone” which is under the App permission section.

3. Now make sure “Allow apps to access your microphone” is turned on.

Computer not detecting headset mic
Computer not detecting headset mic


4. Scroll down and find “Allow desktop apps to access your microphone”. Make sure this option is also enabled.

Restart the Discord application and navigate to the discord Voice & Video section. Check if your desired mic appears in the drop-down of the Input device.


Method 3:- Mic Settings on Windows

In this method, we will set the desired mic as default on windows and also check the volume status.

1. Type “sound settings” in the windows search box and then hit Enter.

2. In the sound settings, click on “Sound Control Panel” under the related settings. This is located on the right-hand of the window.

Discord mic not working on windows 10
Discord mic not working on windows 10


3.The sound window will now be up, click on the Recording tab. Now right-click on your mic and choose set as the default device.

4. Once done, right-click again on the mic and choose properties. In the properties box, click on the levels tab and increase the volume by sliding the volume level to right. Click on Apply and then on Ok.

Also, try disabling all other devices in the recording tab section. Right-click on the device and choose Disable. Restart your device and try again to check discord mic is working or not. If still no, then proceed to the next method.


Method 4:- Change the Discord Input Sensitivity to Automatic

Disabling “Automatically determine Input sensitivity” on discord may prevent the microphone from working. So in this method, we will try enabling this discord setting.

1. To enable open Discord User Settings by clicking on the gear icon located at the very left-hand bottom.

2. Now click on the “Voice & Video” option from the left-hand panel. Now under the Input Sensitivity click on the switch icon to enable “Automatically determine Input sensitivity”. Once enabled the toggle switch will be turned to a green tick.

Discord not recognizing mic
Discord not recognizing mic


Restart Discord and try again if now discord is detecting the mic. If not proceed to the next method.


Method 5:- Reset Discord Voice Settings

Probably accidentally there have been some more technical changes done on discord which might prevent detecting the microphone. In this method, we can try resetting the discord mic settings.

Open the Discord application and then click on the gear icon to open the user settings. Now click on “Voice & Video“.

How to reset Discord voice settings
How to reset Discord voice settings


Scroll down to the very bottom of the Voice & Video settings page. You will find the Reset Voice Settings in the Red Color, click on it. Click OK again to confirm and restart the discord application.


Method 6:- Update Audio Driver to fix discord not detecting mic

In this method we will update the audio driver as an outdated or corrupted driver can also prevent discord in detecting the mic.

1. Press Windows + R key to open the RUN box, type “devmgmt.msc” and click on ok. This will bring up the device manager window.

2. Now scroll down to Sound, video, and game controllers and double click on it to expand. Find your mic source, right-click on it and choose Update Driver.

Discord mic stops working randomly
Discord mic stops working randomly


3. You can either go with the Search automatically option or download the audio driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Once updated, restart the computer and check whether this resolved the problem. If Windows is unable to detect then look for the other devices and probably there you will find your device with a yellow mark on it.

Reinstalling the audio driver can also be tried to fix this problem on windows 10.


Method 7:- Try Disabling Exclusive Mode in Windows

Exclusive mode is a windows feature where some audio applications take exclusive control of the audio device driver and may stop other apps to play sound at the same time.

Here in this method, we will try disabling exclusive control. However, if this doesn’t work make sure you enable this option again.

1. Type “Sound settings” in the windows search box and hit the enter key. Now in the sound settings click on the Sound control panel under the related settings.

2. The sound control panel will now be up, click on the recording Right-click on your microphone and choose properties.

How do I get discord to recognize my mic
How do I get discord to recognize my mic?


3. Click on the advanced tab and under the Exclusive mode uncheck the box of “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device”. Once done click on apply and ok.  

Disable exclusive mode in windows
Disable exclusive mode in windows


Now restart the device to check if the problem is fixed or not.


Method 8: – System Restore (discord not detecting mic)

All the above instructions and troubleshooting methods should fix discord not detecting mic problems. If still the issue is not fixed and if you think it was working fine before then you can restore your PC to that earlier date.

Press Windows + R key to open the RUN box, type “rstrui.exe” and click on ok. This will open the system restore wizard.

Click on Next, choose the date from the list, and click next again. Now click Finish to confirm and start the restore process. Wait until the process gets completed. Once restored successfully your issue will be resolved.


How to Fix Discord not Detecting Mic – Mobile

Android and iPhone users may also face discord mic not working problems. Here I am sharing a few major fixes that will help to quickly fix the problem.

NOTE: Restart your phone and reinsert the mic before proceeding to the below troubleshooting methods

Method 1:- Enable “Voice Activity” and “Auto Sensitivity”

By default discord, voice activity is enabled but still, we need to make sure it’s turned on. We will also try enabling Discord Auto sensitivity on mobile to fix discord not recognizing mic issues.

1. Launch the Discord app on your phone and tap on the profile picture to bring the user settings.

2. Scroll down and tap on “Voice & Video” to bring the Voice settings.

Discord Voice settings
Discord Voice settings


3. Now on the top, you will see Input mode, tap on it and make sure it’s set to Voice Activity.

Discord not detecting mic mobile
Enable Voice activity and auto sensitivity in discord


4. Below Input mode, you will find Auto Sensitivity, tap the switch in front of it to enable.

Once done restart the discord application and reinsert your mic to check if this fixed the issue.


Method 2:- Clear Discord Mobile Cache

Discord cache collects and saves all discord data that goes throughout the application. I am sharing this method because it worked for many users as well.

Clearing discord cache is easy, so this method won’t take much time.

  1. Open Settings on your phone and then tap on Apps or App manager.
  2. Scroll down and look for the Discord application. Once you find tap on it and then tap on Storage.
  3. Now tap on Clear Cache and restart your phone.


Method 3:- Enable “Force Calls to use Open SL ES”

Discord open SL ES is a fancy audio feature that helps to improve the call experience. This is a low latency hardware acceleration feature and we can try changing from “Let my operating system decide” to “Force calls to use Open SL ES

  1. Launch the discord application and tap on the profile picture to open the user settings.
  2. Tap on “Voice and Video” and then scroll down to the very bottom to Low latency Hardware acceleration.
  3. Now tap on “Force calls to use Open SL ES“. Discord will now ask for a restart.
How to fix discord mic not working on mobile
Enable Force calls to use Open SL ES in discord

Restart the discord app and see whether this fixed discord not detecting mic on mobile.



It becomes really frustrating when suddenly discord is not detecting the mic either on Windows 10 or the phone.

But you got the above major fixes that will surely help you to fix this problem if your mic is in working condition.

I would be glad if you apply these fixes one by one and let me know which method worked for you in the comment box.

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