Discord can’t hear anyone FIXED – 2022 Updated

It becomes really annoying when you are in the middle of a game or conversation and suddenly you can’t hear anyone on discord.

All of a sudden, you might feel why my friends are so quiet in discord. Though other members can hear you, but you can’t.

Discord is an ultimate VoIP application especially for the gamer as they communicate with each other while playing games through the discord overlay.

In this article, I will explain why you can’t hear anyone people in discord and how to fix this problem step by step.


Why I can’t hear anyone on Discord?_____________

There are a few major causes that mostly cause hearing issues where you can’t listen either to any specific person or can’t hear anyone.

  • Improper Audio settings: If the audio device has not been configured properly, you may have this problem. Make sure the audio device has been configured as default.
  • Outdated Discord: An outdated discord can also be because of this problem.
  • Cache or App conflict: Sometimes the device stops working or does not perform properly due to conflicts created because of a lot of caches and apps.
  • Issues with Mic speaker and Input jack: If you can’t hear any sound like game sound as well, then kindly try using another mic to make sure it’s working fine.


How to fix can’t hear anyone on Discord

Follow these easy troubleshooting solutions one by one to fix this hearing issue quickly. These are the best and most working solutions.


  • I would also recommend you to use Discord web in case you are having trouble with the discord app. Open discord official website and log in to your account. Check if this fixes your issue if not, proceed with the below solution


  • Make sure your Mic and PC audio is not? muted, this is the basic solution but most of the time we skip this.


Note:- Kindly restart the computer and try again before proceeding to the below steps

Solution 1: Check Headphone Connection

This is also a basic troubleshooting method where sometimes the headphone jack is not properly connected or connected to the wrong port.

Make sure the speaker and microphone jacks are connected to the right port. Check your mic as well whether it’s working or not.

Can’t hear people in discord
Check Input and Output


You can try connecting another mic to make sure the problem is with the mic or not.

If you are a gamer I would recommend going with PeohZarr Gaming Headset.



Solution2:  Check Discord Input and Output Settings

Improper audio settings can also create issues like can’t hear anyone on discord. You need to set proper input and output device selection.

Kindly check the cable that you have inserted on your PC and then test your mic again.

Make sure you have selected the right input and output device. Follow these steps to check, click on the Discord user settings, and then on Voice & Video.

How do I enable sound on discord
How do I enable sound on discord?


On the very top, you will find the Input Device and Output Device. Click on both of them and choose the right device from the drop-down.

Once done try checking again, if this doesn’t work proceed to the next solution.


Solution 3: Enable Use Legacy Audio Subsystem in Discord

Due to device hardware also the apps can create problems with the mic like where they see the green circle of connection but there is no sound. People can hear you but you can’t hear anyone.

Discord legacy Audio Subsystem is an advanced feature and once enabled can fix out such audio problems.

To use the legacy audio subsystem click on the Discord user settings located at the very left-hand bottom.

From the User settings click on Voice & Video tab located on the left-hand side and then scroll down to the bottom to Audio Subsystem.

How to use Legacy Audio Subsystem in Discord
How to use the Legacy Audio Subsystem in Discord


From the Audio subsystem, click on the drop-down and choose Legacy. Now click on ok which will restart your discord.

Once restarted check whether you can now listen to people on discord or not, if not try restarting your device.


Solution 4:- Update Discord and PC to fix Discord can’t hear anyone

An outdated discord can run with a few glitches and bugs like with audio. Discord developer team are always working on such glitches and bringing new updates to fix these error and bugs.

Updating discord is very easy which can be done simply by refreshing the discord with a shortcut key of CTRL + R key.

But I would recommend updating discord by running as an administrator. Completely close your discord from the task manager and then make right-click on the discord icon and choose run as administrator.

Run discord as an administrator
Run discord as an administrator


Once done restart your device as well and check again whether you can listen to people on discord or not.

Update your PC as well by typing update on your Windows 10 search box and clicking check for updates.

If updates are available you will be displayed with the download option. Click on download, follow the instructions, and then restart your PC.


Solution 5:- Set Playback and Recording device Manually on PC

Discord can’t hear anyone problem can also be because of Windows sound settings. Probably if the operating system has detected the wrong output device then you won’t be able to hear anyone.

This solution can be considered as the basic one but trust me it works for many people. Here you need to check the default audio device settings on Windows.

In Windows 10, right-click on the speaker icon located at the very right-hand bottom and choose Open Sound Settings.

Windows sound settings for discord
Windows sound settings for discord


Now on the top in the Output section choose your audio device from the drop-down and then do the same for the Input device.

Can’t hear friend on discord
Can’t hear friend on discord


Once done, click on the “Sound control panel” located on the right-hand side under the related settings section.

Now click on the Playback tab and make sure your output device is checked with the green mark. If not make a right-click on your device and choose Set as default.

headphone settings for discord on windows 10
headphone settings for discord on windows 10


Click on Apply and then on OK. Once done you can test your mic on discord.


Solution 6: Clear Discord and PC Cache

Enough amounts of caches can also create conflict with the programs and lead to issues like trouble opening the discord app and listening to other people.

Follow the below steps to clear the discord and the device cache.

In order to clear the discord cache simply press Windows + R key, type %APPDATA%/Discord/Cache and click on ok. Press Ctrl + A to select all the files and then press Shift + delete to clear all the discord caches.

how to open discord cache
how to open discord cache


To clear the Windows cache type disk cleanup in the search box and choose disk clean up. Now choose the drive and click on ok.

windows drive disk clean up
windows drive disk clean up


Now check the box of temporary files and those entire folders that you want to clear. Once checked, click on ok and wait for the process to complete. Once done restart your PC.


Solution 7:- Reinstall Discord to Fix Discord can’t hear anyone

Now if you are still reading this step, I won’t recommend you to go with other core troubleshooting steps.

You can simply reinstall discord and try again making a discord call and check if you can now hear everyone.

Reinstalling discord is easy, press the Windows + R key to open the RUN box and type appwiz.cpl command to open Windows features.

Look for the discord app, right-click on it and choose to uninstall. Once done restart the PC and visit discord’s official website to download again.  

Frequently Asked Question

Can’t hear a friend in discord but he can hear me?

Now if other users can hear you but you can’t, then you need to check your output volume both on discord and on your device.

Go to Discord user settings > Voice & Video > Click on Output settings and choose the right output device.

On Windows PC, check volume control settings and on your phone make sure the volume is high and not muted.

Discord can’t hear anyone but can hear discord sounds


Probably you have been muted in the server. Try below tips

  • Enable Audio legacy Subsystem
  • Check output settings


How do I enable sound on discord?

To enable sound on discord, click on the gear icon of user settings located at the very left-hand bottom.

From the settings click on Voice & Video tab. choose the right input and output device from the drop-down and then make sure the volume slider is above 50%.


Discord can’t hear one person

Sometimes you can hear other people on discord but have trouble listening to any specific person. In such cases either the user has muted his mic or you have decreased the volume of that person.

You can ask the user on the chat to unmute and make a right-click on the user avatar in the voice call and check the user volume slider.

If the user is from a different location you can also try changing the discord server region.



Most of the time problems are caused due to improper audio and mic settings. Kindly start fixing from the beginning with the tips steps and then try every solution step by step.

I always recommend restarting the PC for every bug and glitch, so start from a simple restart. I have recommended all the working methods; let us know which method worked for you.

If you have any other solution through which you fixed this problem, please let the other people know as well by leaving your comment.

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