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In this article, you will learn how to mark all notifications as read on discord. Discord notifications may distract you while you are working or trying to focus on specific work.

While communicating on multiple servers we keep on getting red dot unread badge alert on discord icon, this would be really challenging sometimes to find the exact message and read it especially when this from someone we are not expecting.


We like keeping our applications neat and clean for which we can use discord mark all as read.

  • Discord notification can be marked all as read by User, Server, or Channel depending on you how to clear notifications in discord.
  • You can turn off discord notification for a specific user, channels, or servers. You can disable notification for a specific time or forever.
  • Well, you can even mark Discord messages as unread.
  • Discord read receipts are not available, why you will read below


How to Mark all Notifications as Read on Discord

You can mark all discord messages as read with many narrow options like marking any user’s messages as read, mark specific channel on a server as read or mark entire server messages as read.

Discord is an amazing app providing all kinds of broad and narrow services, so here you will learn everything about discord notifications. We never like scrolling up and up to view discord old messages and make it read.

How to mark all notifications as read on discord for specific user            

  • Open discord dashboard
  • Navigate to discord user
  • Right-click on the user and choose “Mark As Read”
  • This will mark all message notifications as read from this user


How to mark all notifications as read on discord for a specific channel

  • Open Discord dashboard
  • Click on the server where you have your channel for which you want to mark all message notifications as read
  • Right-click on the channel and choose “Mark As Read”
  • All notifications for this channel will be marked as read

channel marked as read


How to mark all notifications as read on discord for Entire Server

  • Open Discord dashboard
  • Navigate to the server
  • Right-click on the server and choose “Mark As Read”
  • Doing this will mark all notifications as read for this server, you can do the same step for every server
How to mark all notifications as read on discord
discord server notification marked as read

Discord how to know if someone read your message?                 

If you send a message you may wish to know if someone on discord read your messages or not but unfortunately discord doesn’t have read receipts.

But do you know why discord doesn’t allow read receipts?

Don’t you think you are on Discord mainly for focusing on the game, streaming, or other important work?  This may become a cause of distraction if discord has read receipts as every user may know when their messages were delivered and read .

If you are a gamer, it would be hard to play with everyone as you may get lots of DM or server messages where people ask to play with you.

  • So, if we do not reply, that creates a bad impact on the users or our followers
  • It’s really hard to ignore someone if they know that you have read their messages.

What you can do:- If you are on any mutual server with them, you can keep track of them by noticing their activity. If they are active there, you can assume as they might read your message and ignored it.



So here you learned how to mark all notifications as read on discord and how to narrow down this by doing for a specific user, channel, or an entire server.

Discord notifications are built up to let you know about all the unread messages when you are out of discord applications.

This is on you how you use this feature and will you use it for any user, channel or server please let me know in the comment box. Please share this article link to your discord server and on Facebook.


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