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Here, you will learn how to zoom in and out on Discord and how you can reset the zoom to the normal screen.

You can make the discord screen smaller and bigger depending on what suits your eyes by using CTRL + for zoom in(bigger) and CTRL – for zoom out(smaller).

Discord font size can be scaled with this new feature on Discord Web and Discord PC, as there are many discord users who have problems with discord small text.

Many users zoom out to quickly find the old messages, you can better learn how to view discord old messages.


What is the Default Zoom level for Discord?

Discord chat font scaling and message group gap is set to16 PX, and discord zoom level default size is 100.

But this totally depends on you, where you can resize discord screen that suits your eye and whatever is good for your visibility.


How to Zoom IN / OUT on Discord?

With the below steps, you can zoom in on Discord App, Google Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers.

Zoom IN (+)

Step 1:- Open your Discord dashboard

Step 2:- Now from your keyboard press and hold the CTRL key and then press the + key to zoom in the screen.

As many times you press the + key while holding the CTRL key, the screen will go bigger. You can also use the mouse scroll up instead of the + key.

how to zoom in on discord
how to zoom in on discord


Zoom OUT (-)

Step 1:- Here you need to use the – (minus) key which is to zoom out the discord screen.

Step 2:- From your keyboard press and hold the CTRL key, then the – key to zoom out. As many times you press the – key along with the CTRL key, the screen will go smaller and smaller.

You can use scroll down from your mouse.

How to zoom out in discord
How to zoom out in discord


You also get an option of Zoom on your browser where you can select the zoom size.

In Google Chrome click on 3 dots > find Zoom > click + or – to make the screen bigger to smaller.

chrome plus and minus
zoom in and out

How to Reset Discord Zoom level to Default

Many of the discord users asked, my discord screen has been zoomed in/out how to bring to original size.

The best and easiest way, through which you can reset zoom in discord to the original size, is the shortcut key.

You can use the shortcut key of CTRL + 0 (zero) to reset the screen size, this shortcut key will work on both Discord App and Discord Web.

Reset zoom level in discord
Reset zoom level in discord

Manage Discord Text Size & Gap (Advanced)

Many discord users have challenges with discord small text, and many want to reduce the text size.

You can also use discord name color which makes it easier to read on the chat screen.

Discord itself provides many inbuilt features for a font that can be managed in the Appearance.

  • Chat Font Scaling (Pixels)
  • Space between message groups (Pixels)
  • Zoom level


Manage Discord Text Size & Gap
Manage Discord Text Size & Gap


Chat font scaling: – You can set the Discord chat text size from chat font scaling in pixels, by default it is set to 16 PX. 

You can increase or decrease the pixels from discord chat font scaling.

Space between message groups:- This is the gap between the two users’ chat in discord for better readability.

By default its set to 16 PX, if you have issues to identify the messages because of the low gap, you can slide to 24 PX for better readability.

Zoom Level:- This is again the same thing that you read above, discord also gives an option to set your discord zoom level.


How to Manage Discord Text Size & Gap

Follow the below steps to manage the above features of discord

Step 1:- Open your Discord dashboard, and click on the gear icon of user settings which is at the very left-hand bottom, besides your username.

Step 2:- From the discord settings scroll down to find and click on “Appearance” from the left-hand panel.

Step 3:- From the Appearance settings scroll down to the “Accessibility” section, here you will find all the above options.


You can use the slider to increase or decrease the pixels, once done close the screen and go back to the discord chat screen to see the changes.




While playing games and working on discord, we may accidentally zoom in or out the screen, that you already learned how to zoom in or out on discord.

Discord advanced chat settings will help you to give a better chat reading experience. You can also go through the discord text formatting to learn more about discord markdowns.

Please share the article in discord and on other social platforms to help other users as well.

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