How to Fix Discord Stuck on Awaiting Endpoint 2021 (Mobile & PC)

Recently many users are experiencing trouble while using discord where it stuck on awaiting endpoint. In this article, I am sharing 6 effective methods on how to fix discord stuck on awaiting endpoint in 2021 both on PC and Mobile.

Discord is an amazing platform that is becoming more popular in 2021 not only for gamers but also for other people.

Though, you may have to face issues like awaiting endpoint and RTC connecting errors while using this application but the best part is that it’s easy to fix.


What does Awaiting Endpoint mean on Discord?

Discord awaiting endpoint is mainly due to the network issues or probably due to discord outage.

While connecting discord, server, or to any voice channel you may get this message which is really annoying as you may be in the middle of something. But the good news is that it can be fixed quickly without any deep troubleshooting.

There may be many other issues like JavaScript error, or no route error that can be because of network or laggy connection.


What Causes Discord Awaiting Endpoint?

Before proceeding to the fix, you should know the major causes behind discord stuck on awaiting endpoint. Below I am sharing few major causes which will also help you to understand and fix such issues quickly for the next time.

  • Discord Outage
  • Slow Internet Connection or No Internet
  • Discord Server Region

Now try these below 6 methods one by one, hopefully, you will get rid of this problem very soon.


How to fix Discord Stuck on Awaiting Endpoint (PC)

Now I am very sure the above causes gave you an idea of how to fix discord stuck on awaiting endpoint.

Before proceeding to the troubleshooting steps try these quick solutions.

  1. Restart your computer before proceeding to the fix, as a simple restart can also fix the problem and save your time.                                  
  2. Try Discord Web                                                                             
  3. Update Discord


FIX 1:- Check Discord Outage

Discord keeps working on bugs related to application and security to improve the user’s experience. There can be an outage where discord is temporarily down and you won’t be able to use discord.

Chances are you may get awaiting endpoint issues on discord while opening. You can check the discord status to verify that everything is ok from the discord end.



FIX 2:- Change Discord Server Region

Discord has built a couple of servers located in different parts of the world. Closest you are to the discord server, the better the connection will be. This will also reduce the high ping and also fix discord stuck on awaiting endpoint.

So here you need to make sure that your discord server is connected to the nearest location which will of course provide you better service without any lag.

To change discord server region

  • Open discord server and click on the drop-down to choose server settings.                  
  • On the right-hand top in the overview section, you will find the server region, click on it, and choose the one which is nearest to your physical location.
how to change discord server location
how to change the discord server location


Once done restart your browser and try again, probably will fix awaiting endpoint error. If you do not get this option you can also change from the channel settings.

  • Right-click on the channel and choose Edit Channel.                                                   
  • In the channel settings, scroll down to the bottom to Region override and click on the drop-down to select the region.
How to fix discord awaiting endpoint
How to fix discord awaiting endpoint


FIX 3:- Enable / Disable the VPN

You may also face trouble using discord because of ban IP or any other IP issues. Here we need to bypass the IP problem by changing the IP address.

So if you were connected to a discord through a VPN then disable it and if not let’s try using a secure VPN.

Disable VPN:- If you are already connected then please open your VPN connection and click on disconnect. Once done restart your device and try again connecting to discord.

Use VPN:-  To change your device IP you can use any free VPN like the proton. Once you are connected to VPN, restart discord by pressing Ctrl + R key.



FIX 4:- Check your Internet Connection

This is another major cause behind awaiting endpoint error in discord. Check your internet connection to make sure you are connected to the Internet.

Even if the internet connection is poor or fluctuating, it may cause some errors with not only discord but also with other applications. Open your browser and access any website to check the connection.

You can use to check your internet speed and ping. If there is trouble try restarting the router, modem, and computer. You can also try resetting your internet connection.

  • Type CMD on the windows search box and choose run as administrator.
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter
  • Release IP by typing ipconfig /release and hit the enter key again.
  • Renew your IP by typing ipconfig /renew.
How do i fix a stuck discord connection?
How do i fix a stuck discord connection?


FIX 5:- Clear Discord Cache

Now if the problem is with the Discord application then chances are previously saved discord caches are creating this awaiting endpoint.

Though, caches are of great use which saves our tasks and images for quick access in the future.

  • Press Windows + R key to open the RUN box, type %appdata%/Discord/Cache, and hit enter.
  • The cache folder will now be up, press Ctrl + A to select all and then choose the Shift + Del key to clear the entire discord cache.
Discord stuck on awaiting endpoint
Discord stuck on awaiting endpoint


Once done restart your PC.


FIX 6:- Reinstall Discord

Reinstalling discord is the last solution to get rid of such problems. So if none of the above methods work for you then try this method.

In this fix, you need to completely uninstall discord from the device and then reinstall it again. Reinstalling discord will not only fix discord stuck on awaiting endpoint but also update discord and other bugs.

You can use a third-party uninstaller like REVO to completely uninstall discord or see how to fully uninstall discord on Windows and Mac.

Once discord is uninstalled, visit and download it again.


How to fix Discord Stuck on Awaiting Endpoint (Mobile)

Awaiting endpoint problem mostly comes in PC. But still why I am covering this because many users asked me that how to fix discord stuck on awaiting endpoint error on mobile.

Note:- Before proceeding to the below steps kindly restart your phone and check again as restart may fix this problem.

Try these 3 methods that will surely help you to get rid of this problem.


FIX 1:- Change Discord Server Location

Most of the mobile users having these issues fixed the problem by simply changing the server region.

  • Open the server with which you are having trouble, tap on the 3 dots beside the server name and then tap on Settings.
  • From the server, settings tap on overview. Now tap on the server region and choose the server region nearest to your location.


FIX 2:- Update Discord App and Clear Cache

Make sure your discord app is updated, open play store or app store depending on your phone. Look for the discord app and tap on update if available.

To clear discord app cache, open phone settings. Scroll down and look for app or application manager, tap to open. Now find discord app > Storage > Clear Cache.


FIX 3:- Reinstall Discord

Reinstalling discord on mobile is easy. Tap and hold on to the discord app and choose to uninstall. Once uninstalled restart your phone.

Now open the play store or app store again and download discord again.

Make sure you remember the discord password and have access to the email linked to discord.

You will have to enter the ID and password again to login once reinstalled. Discord may also give you the message of new login located detected message for which you must have access to your email linked to discord.




So far you got a brief idea behind discord awaiting endpoint and how to fix discord stuck on awaiting endpoint. Keep in mind please try the quick solutions before proceeding to the methods.

Please spend some time reading this article carefully as this problem may arise in the future and reading properly will ease your task to quickly fix such problem in the future.

Please let me know if you have any other doubts or if nothing worked for you.

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