Discord Search not Working (PC & Mobile) – FIXED

It’s really annoying when discord search is not working when you are finding the oldest message on the server or from any specific user.

Discord is one of the top VoIP applications where like other apps you can search for the users and server as well. In this article, I will brief on how to fix the discord message search bar that is not working on PC and Mobile.

There are many filters in discord search like “from” and “mentions” which helps to quickly track the message. Most of the users face this discord search broken issues, so I will share few major causes behind this problem.


Why is Discord Search not working?______________

Have a look at few major causes behind the discord chat search bar not working that will help you to understand and quickly fix the problem.

  1. Discord Outage – Before proceeding and finding the problems on your device and discord settings, first assure that there is no problem with the discord server.                                                  
  2. Check Internet Connection – Slow internet connection or the internet with high ping can also cause discord search trouble.                                                                                                               
  3. Outdated Discord – Discord must be updated from time to time as this fixes many bugs and security issues.                                                                                                                                     
  4. Discord Cache – Caches saved can also create problems. However, caches are useful to quickly reload the resources for the next time but excess caches may lead to improper function.                  
  5. Problem with Discord feature and plugins – Many discord features like Streamer mode once enabled can also cause discord server search not working. Better discord can also be the reason behind such discord search issues.


How to Fix Discord Search not working (PC)

Now I won’t be wasting your time with unnecessary methods, I am sharing the top 5 methods that will surely fix the problem.

NOTE:- Please Restart your device and also try discord web to assure the problem is not with the application.

FIX 1:- Check Discord Outage

There is nothing you can do if the discord servers are down, you can check the status from discord status. You need to wait until the discord is up again.

Due to heavy server load and security updates discord can be down. During this period probably discord may be stuck on starting or the search bar may not work.

In this situation wait until the discord server is up again and do not proceed to the below steps if the server is down.

Check Discord Outage Status
Check Discord Outage Status


FIX 2:- Fix Poor Internet Connection and high Discord Ping

According to many users, discord search was not working due to the poor internet connection and high ping.

This trouble can be mainly when you are using the mobile data and connect your PC with a mobile hotspot. Try switching to any other network or get in a better internet range.

Make an internet speed check on speedtest.net, this will help you know your internet speed and ping.


FIX 3:- Disable Discord Streamer Mode

You might be thinking how streamer mode can become a cause behind discord broken search. Recently I got the DM from many users who fixed this problem by disabling the streamer mode in Discord.

I am exactly not sure how this works, but this is not a concern as this problem needs to be fixed.

To turn off the streamer mode, open the discord application and then click on the settings gear icon to bring up the user settings.

Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Streamer mode” from the left-hand panel.

Disable Streamer Mode
Disable Streamer Mode


In the streamer mode, the very first option you will find is “Enable Streamer Mode”. Click on the toggle to disable it. Once done restart the discord and check again if this fixed the issue, if not you can enable it again.



FIX 4:- Update Discord (Discord Search not Working)

The discord team is always working on bugs and securities to fix the issues and for this, we only need to update the discord.

Discord is mostly used by the gamers and we all know our system is mostly on or either in sleep mode. Due to low restart, chances are discord and applications are not updated. However, updating discord may fix discord search, not working issues.

You can easily update discord by completely closing it and then restart as an administrator. Close all files of discord from task manager then right click on discord icon and choose run as administrator.

Run discord as an administrator
Run discord as an administrator

FIX 5:- Uninstall Better Discord

Better discord is a great platform that enhances discord with various features like emojis, plugins, and themes.

Though better discord is safe the third-party plugins and themes that we download through better discord can bring up malware and viruses. Better Discord’s official website is the right and safe platform to download such features.

Around 2 months back I had a problem with discord search was from and the link feature was not working. I tried uninstalling better discord and found the problem was fixed.

FIX 6:- Reinstall Discord              

The above 5 fixes will surely fix the problem as they are the most common cause behind the discord chat search bar not working. Still if anyhow they don’t work try reinstalling discord.

Reinstalling discord is easy; follow the steps to reinstall discord.

Press Windows + R key to open the RUN box, type “appwiz.cpl” and click ok. This will bring up the Windows program and features.

Discord search bar not working
Discord search bar not working


Look for the discord application, right-click on it and choose Uninstall. Once done restart your device.

Open the browser on your device and open the discord official website. Download the application and sign in again to assure these fixed the problem. If normal uninstall doesn’t work then uninstall discord completely and download again.


How to Fix Discord Search not working (Mobile)

Discord advanced search options are not available on mobile. As in discord PC, we can find the oldest messages through search and then choosing the oldest option.

Most working search options on discord mobile are

  • From: user
  • Mentions: user
  • Has: link, embed, or file
  • In: channel

The other options like before and after don’t work on discord mobile. Still, if the above 4 options are also not working then try the following fixes below.


FIX 1:- Update Discord (Discord Search not Working)

Though discord on phone automatically gets updated still we need to assure it’s updated.

On android visit the play store and search for discord, if updates are available it will show you to update. You can do the same on iOS by searching on App Store.

Discord search not working mobile
Update Discord on Mobile

FIX 2: Clear Discord Cache

Caches can be another cause of discord search not working on mobile. Clearing discord cache on phone is easy.

Open phone settings and navigate to Apps Manager or Apps. Now look for the discord application and tap on it. Now tap on storage and then on Clear Cache.

Discord search broken mobile
Clear Discord Cache on Android


Once done restart your phone, hope this will fix the problem.


FIX 3:- Reinstall Discord (Discord Search not Working)

Finally and the best way to fix such problems is reinstalling discord. Reinstalling discord will fix all the app problems.

To uninstall tap and hold on the discord app and choose to uninstall.

Once uninstalled, open the play store or the app store and download the app again.



Randomly you may go into trouble where discord search is not working on PC and Mobile.

All the fixes above will surely resolve the problem. If yes do let me know in the comment box which method worked for you.

Now, you must have an idea of what can be the cause behind this problem and how exactly you need to apply the fixes. I HOPE FOR THE BEST!!

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