How to Make an AFK Channel in Discord (2022) – Phone & PC

how to make an afk channel in discord

  In this article, you will learn why and how to make an AFK channel in Discord so that few of us may understand exactly the use of an AFK channel and when to use it. Your Discord server should have proper channels and AFK is one of them that moves members to the AFK … Read more

How to Make a Discord Channel Private (Text & Voice) – DISCORD

How to Make a Discord Channel Private

  In this article, you will learn how to make a Discord channel private for Text and Voice. Discord channel can be made private before and after it has been created. There are 2 channels types of Text and Voice in Discord and users can use it according to their requirements and use. Before proceeding … Read more

How to Post GIFs on Discord without link | DISCORD Tips

how to post gifs on discord

  In this article, I have shared that how to post GIFs on Discord with and without links which means when you choose and select GIF to send, it comes with a link as well. So if you wish you can send it with a link or without a link. I will also share that … Read more