How to Quote Someone in Discord – 2021 | 2 Easy Ways

How to Quote Someone in Discord

  Discord has updated this feature where now you can learn how to quote someone in discord on PC and Phone, instead of using any bots. There are 2 ways that can be used to quote messages in discord. In the beginning discord, users were out of luck with the feature of discord quote message … Read more

What is a Discord Server Widget – How to Embed into website

What is a discord server widget

  Here, in this article you will learn what is a discord server widget?, I will teach you how to embed discord server widget into a word press website. Discord is becoming a more powerful platform with its new amazing features like the discord widget. Discord widget can be enabled from discord server settings and … Read more

How to get the Crown on Discord – How to Hide | Discord TIPS

How to get the crown on discord

  In this article, you will learn how to get the crown on discord and how to hide the discord server owner crown. When we hear the word crown, the very first thing that comes in our mind is either the king or the power. Discord Crown Icon   What does the crown mean on … Read more

Discord Update Failed Loop | Discord not Updating – FIXED

Discord Update Failed Loop

  You have opened discord to hang out with friends and what you see discord asking for an update and it loads forever to complete, this can be because of discord update failed loop. The main cause can be an antivirus or firewall, there can be many reasons behind discord not updating or discord updates … Read more

How to Record Discord Audio with Audacity (2021) – Discord TIPS

how to record discord audio with audacity

  Discord is a great platform for gaming with varieties of features but when it comes to recording you need to learn how to record discord audio with audacity as discord has no recording feature. There can be many purposes of recording discord audio like for podcasting or for any kind of presentation. Recording conversations … Read more

How to Make a Discord Channel Read Only (2022) – Discord Tips

How to make a discord channel read only

  Discord has millions of users in which many are new and learning about discord features like how to make a discord channel Read-only. People won’t stop writing and you stop receiving notifications until you turn off the discord notifications or remove the permission. The reason behind creating read-only channel discord can be Sharing and … Read more

How to Change Name Color in Discord (2022) – PC & Phone

How to change name color in discord

  Many of you might know how to use colored text in the discord chat, but do you know how to change name color in discord which can be used to differentiate users according to their roles. You might have seen on many discord servers, users’ names are displayed in different colors and you also … Read more

How to Post Code in Discord with Color (2022) – Discord TIPS

how to post code in discord

  In this article, you will learn how to post code in discord for a single line and multiple line code blocks on both PC and Phone. . Code blocks are a feature of Discord markdown which can be used by the developer to highlight their code in blocks. YOU MIGHT BE A DEVELOPER who … Read more

How to Turn Off Discord Notifications (2022) – PC and Phone

How to turn off discord notification

  You may run into a problem where you want to focus on your work in discord or getting notifications pop-ups while discord minimized, learn how to turn off discord notifications and get rid of this problem. It’s really annoying and frustrating sometimes when you manage to focus on discord and suddenly notifications start interrupting … Read more

How to Clear Discord Cache – (2021) PC & Phone

How to Clear Discord Cache

  In this article, you will learn the steps on how to clear discord cache in PC and Phone along with how to view and clear Discord Image Cache. Remember you also need to clear your device cache as well. Discord Cache stores all frequently used information and data like images, emojis, names, links, and … Read more